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Difference between a “putting” green and a “golf” green

In this video I discuss the differences between our two most popular synthetic grasses aimed at the golf market. Watch the video below:

A putting green is almost always going to be used for a your standard backyard. The size will be somewhere from 15m2 up to around 70m2. The size can vary, but essentially, due to size (and safety) limitations, you’ll only be putting and hitting small chip & pitch shots (no more than say 20 metres).

Our backyard putting grass is totally awesome for this application. It’s easy and cheaper to install and is long lasting. This product has been created for DIY but we’ll also use this grass for any small backyard full install jobs.

A golf green on the other hand uses a different type of synthetic grass. This grass has a higher pile height because it has been designed to absorb the impact of full lofted shots. These greens require more work to install correctly and we don’t usually recommend this product for the inexperienced DIYer.

In both grasses you get a fantastic roll on the ball. The grasses look fantastic. The grasses have been created just for golf and they’ll last a long time (they are well UV protected, pet proof and essentially Aussie-weather proof).

If you have any questions about what is the right synthetic grass for your dream golf green, then please contact me. If you’d like to get a quote, you can do so by clicking here.