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How hot do these synthetic golf greens get?

The best way to explain how hot this new generation synthetic golf greens get, is to demonstrate in the video below.

You can see, I almost burnt my skin off the bottom of my feet when I walked onto the bluestone. It was also very uncomfortable walking on the concrete.

While it was still hot on the synthetic grass, it wasn’t anywhere near as hot. Now, you must be careful here. We stongly recommend NOT walking on any surface without shoes on when it’s hot. Always wear shoes. And definitely, don’t allow young children to walk on your golf green without shoes on, especially when it’s hot.

Commonsense needs to be applied in our harsh Aussie climate.

If you’re worried about the heat and using your green when it’s hot, you can also sprinkle some water over it. This should cool it off instantly.

The main point I’m making is, the synthetic grass gets hot, not as hot as other artificial surfaces, but you need to be careful.