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Giving your synthetic green a nice little touch up

Took this happy snap yesterday afternoon. Bruce dropped in to check out the green and get it ready for a viewing later today. His special brushing machine makes life a little easier for him. It gives the grass a freshen up and helps disperse any sand that has made its way to the surface.

Bruce hard at work. Does this guy ever stop?

The same job can be done with a stiff broom, but obviously Bruce’s brushing machine takes way less time. Total time to give the green a little touch up was about 5 minutes. I should have taken a before pic, but the image below was taken just after he had finished. This is the fringe grass and it looks brand new. Any scuff marks, weeds and excess sand are gone.

The fringe grass after a little love from Bruce
The fringe grass after a little love from Bruce

As part of our service we offer a FREE 3 month service/tune up of your Supreme Green. We’ll swing on by and make sure your green is in tip top shape up to 3 months after the initial completion date. This service is only for Supreme Green installations we complete ourselves. This offer is not available for self-installations.