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Another interesting fact about Profill

Bruce is a wizard. He knows as much about synthetic grass as anyone in Australia. He’s probably right up there in the big bad world of synthetic grass knowledge.

Yesterday we were showing an international guest my golf green. It’s always a lot of fun to show people the green – especially to get their reaction when they walk onto it. You can see their mind ticking over as their trying to figure it all out,
– is this thing real?
– how do they do it?
– this looks and feels so good
– I need to try this

Bruce was showing Kaz the entire set-up and was going into great detail about the installation process, the grass and Profill. Profill is the secret sauce that finishes off a Supreme Green nicely. The fill holds the green in place (they use a few tonnes of it) while also giving the green its speed. The more Profill, the faster the green (because the ball will roll more on top of the grass and not through the grass).

Quick side note: Supreme Greens allow you to adjust the speed of your green to suit. You can have it quite slow or really fast. It all depends on you.

The biggest benefit of Profill is it doesn’t compact like sand. With most installers using sand, the green will eventually get wet, then compacted. Once this happens the sand becomes like concrete. And once this happens your synthetic golf green is almost useless. The only solution to a “concrete” green is for major servicing which takes time and money. With a Supreme Green and Profill there’s nothing to worry about. The Profill doesn’t compact and it’s water resistant. I’ve used my green constantly for many months and it has endured one of the wettest years here on the Sunshine Coast, and it is still in perfect working order. Kaz was able to hit some lofted shots onto the green (from my top golf tee) and watched in amazement as the ball hit and stopped within a metre or so.

Bruce let rip with another interesting thing about Profill yesterday. Weeds. Or the lack of them. Weeds don’t like Profill anywhere near as much as sand. When sand compacts (which it will), the seeds love it and can germinate more easily. We were walking around my green, trying to show Kaz some weeds – we struggled to find any, only some really small ones. Bruce then made this comment,

“If this was a sand filled green it would be covered with weeds. Weeds hate the Profill, they can’t grow in it readily. You’ll get a few weeds, but nothing that can’t be managed easily”.

So there you have it. Profill really is the secret sauce of the Supreme Green. It is an essential ingredient and our strongest recommendation is to use it over sand. Sand is a nightmare!

Finally, we’re going to offer a small sample of Profill in our information packs. Please contact us to learn more.

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