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How well does a synthetic golf green drain?

We get a lot of rain here on the Sunshine Coast. When it’s not raining the weather is unbelievable, almost always hot and sunny. But when it rains, it certainly doesn’t stuff around.

So a Supreme Green has to be designed to allow water to drain away – otherwise it will be underwater for a 1/4 of the year. I have quizzed Bruce a lot about this and he says the trick is all in the foundation. If you get the foundation of the green correct, you won’t have too many problems.

The foundation has three distinct purposes.

1. Firmness
2. Drainage
3. Impact absorption

When you have all three you’ll have a synthetic golf green that matches the greens at the best golf courses around. It will be firm underfoot, allows water to drain away and also give you the ability stop the ball on the green. Miss one of these elements and your green can be hopeless.

Our Supreme Greens are unique because they are designed and built like the real deal. Mixed in with our specific synthetic golf grass you get a golf green that’s as close to realistic as possible. This weekend we finally got some rain – it hasn’t rained much over the last four months so it was certainly needed. Here are some shots taken just after the rain stopped and then 20 minutes later. You can see that the green has drained nicely and it was dry enough to get in a little practice before dinner.

A Supreme Green after a heavy downpour
A Supreme Green after a heavy downpour
20 minutes later. The green has drained nicely and is ready to use again
20 minutes later. The green has drained nicely and is ready to use again

There was still a little surface water but this all drained away within 45 minutes – it was too dark by this stage to take another image.

Footnote: We had a lot more rain overnight but woke to a beautiful sunny day. The golf green was in perfect shape – no sign of water and really firm underfoot. It’s perfect and if the base is designed and constructed correctly you won’t have any drainage issues at all.