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Improve your putting (and your score) with a synthetic golf green

Putting has never been my strongest part of my game. Through a bit of hard work and simplyfying my process, I have learned to become a decent putter. Now that I have a putting green in my backyard there’s no excuse.

I used to worry a lot about my technique and attempt to practise putts from all distances – now I’m not so fussy. As a result, by following this simple routine, my putting is much more reliable.

Shorter Putts

Longer Putts

Sorry about some of the dodgy camera work, I certainly need to spend more time getting the correct set-up with the camera. But hopefully you learned a bit about improving your putting and it doesn’t matter if you have the budget for a huge green or a small one, you can improve your putting game and increase confidence in only a few minutes per week – best of all you can do it from your backyard.

Let me know if you have any questions.