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Mini Tees – the latest addition to the Supreme Green range

There’s no hiding from the fact that I love my Supreme Green. I still use it most days and I feel my short game has gone to the next level. Chipping, pitching and hitting lots of bunker shots certainly helps the cause. I probably need to putt more, but that’s another story altogether.

An issue for me was finding clean lies to practice pitch shots from. Although I laid almost 1000m2 of turf, the maintenance of the area leaves a little to be desired. Who has the time anyway to be constantly mowing?

The solution was to speak to Bruce about installing some mini-tees. Small squares of synthetic grass that can be buried into the ground that allow me to hit shots from. And I’m only talking short shots here – I didn’t need full shot tees as I already have that.

Bruce came to the party and dropped off some samples, giving me a range of grasses to try. Each sample has a rubber base for impact absorption and they are around 50cm x 50cm in size. The only issue was that Bruce didn’t have enough time to install them – that job was left up to me and I apologise in advance for my shoddy job – when Bruce saw my work he almost killed me. Embarrassingly, not long after I put in the mini-tees, we had a green viewing from a potential customer – he loved the green, but couldn’t get over how badly I had installed these little tees. Let’s move on.

The mini-tees work a treat. I have them scattered around my short game area and can now practice all sorts of shots from a nice, clean lie (I have them at 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m and 65m). The ball comes off nicely, with lots of spin and I’m no longer digging up the turf. I’m happy because I’m able to get better practise and Clare is happy because there are way fewer divots. In fact, these mini-tees work so well, that I strongly encourage you to get a few so you can hit all sorts of short shots to your green. If nothing else, the extra practice will drop a few strokes from your score.

I have tested a range of grasses and think the best option is the close knit variety with a firmer base. This gives the nicest contact and really allows you to squeeze the ball off the mat (lots of spin and control). I have tested thicker grasses but nothing works quite as well as the shorter pile option. If you’re interested in thicker grasses then let us know.

Mini-tee. This is a close knit tee with a firmer base.
Mini-tee. This is a close knit tee with a firmer base.

I have also cut the size of the mat in half. This won’t suit everyone but it’s pretty much all you need to practise. Also gives you more pitching options for the same amount of grass.

Another mini-tee. This one is  half the size and a slightly longer pile.
Another mini-tee. This one is half the size and a slightly longer pile.

As you can see I haven’t done the best job at installing them. There’s some gaps and the mats aren’t perfectly level. I’m hopeless, and should have waited until Bruce had the time to install them. I always rush this kind of stuff. One thing is for certain, if we install some tees at your place I won’t be on the team.

If you are going to install them yourself, please take your time to ensure you set them at the correct height, the photo below is what happens when you run over a poorly fitted tee with the lawn mower. Oops, I always have to learn things the hard way.

Poorly installed tee versus lawn mower. No contest.
Poorly installed tee versus lawn mower. No contest.

Bruce has promised me he’ll come back and redo my tees properly. But one thing is for certain, these tees make a great addition to your golf set-up and they come highly recommended. Please contact us for pricing.