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Not all synthetic golf greens can do this …

My golf green is around 6 months old. In that time I’ve hit thousands of shots onto it and spent hours putting and stuffing around. I love it, and sometimes feel I’m a little fanatical about it.

I’ve also been really busy with work and haven’t had a lot of time to take good care of my pride and joy. With some wild weather up here, my Supreme Green was covered in debris and needed some much needed love – and with some people viewing the green this week I needed to pull the finger out.

From start to finish my clean up took 40 minutes. This involved blowing off all of the dirt, leaves, sand and twigs from the green and then walking over the putting surface with a broom. The brushing helps settle the Profill and smooth out any bumps. The green looked a million dollars afterwards and was performing as well as ever.

This morning I was hitting some little pitch shots and noticed how well the balls were stopping and spinning. I was hitting into a very slight breeze and using some new Pro V practice balls, but I was still surprised. I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed my little camera and set it up on the side of the green and then filmed the balls landing from my 85 metre golf tee. Here’s the video:

I was lucky enough to hole one of the shots (the very first from the 85m tee) and by this time was getting a really good feel for things. The 2nd and 3rd shots came out low with a tonne of spin. You can see how much by the balls backing up on the green. It was awesome and a tonne of fun. I can assure you there’s no funny business going on here (I just don’t have the video editing skills) and that everything is legit. I edited out the in between boring bits where I was gathering some balls and the wildlife noises are real.

Not all synthetic greens are this realistic. Most synthetic greens are fine for putting, but don’t allow for lofted shots to be played to them because they are too hard – almost like trampolines. The Supreme Green in different. The combination of the Helix yarn, the profill and the installation process gives you the most realistic golf green available. The ball rolls and spins like it’s a normal green. There’s not even a pitch mark!

Imagine what this kind of green could do for your game. They are the real deal and as far as I’m concerned nothing else comes as close.

P.S. Later this morning I was showing the golf green to a local golf pro. When he hit some little pitch shots to it and saw the ball land and then check up he said, “I’ve nearly wet my pants”.

If you’re considering installing your own synthetic golf green then please consider dropping by to my venue on the Sunshine Coast. I’d be more than happy to give you a demo and answer any questions you have. Contact me to arrange a time.