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Our most popular synthetic backyard golf green

Note: Some info has changed since publication. Please visit this page to chat to us.

Here’s our most popular backyard golf green.

This green was recently installed in Sydney, but we’ve also designed and built these beauties in Brisbane, Melbourne and many of the major cities around Australia.

This one measures 8 metres in length and is around 4 metres wide. We added some fringe grass which helps finish the green off nicely. The fringe at either end can also be used for chipping and pitching, giving the green extra playability.

Add in a few cups and you’ve got yourself a backyard golf green that will give you years of enjoyment without a lot of stress. These greens are ultra-low maintenance, requiring only a small amount of cleaning (your main job is to keep debris off of them because leaves and twigs etc can cause some issues). The tool of choice here is a blower and this should only take a few minutes every month.

Some of the most common questions we receive about these types of golf greens:

Can I do a DIY version of this?

A: Yes, certainly. In fact, this type of green is ideal for the DIY handy type. Your total cost (including everything) is going to be around $1.5K-$2.5K.

Where do you travel?

A: We have installed synthetic golf greens all over Australia.

How much does a full install golf green cost?

A: Starting price is around the $4-4.5K mark. Price does vary depending on the exact size, your location, accessories and any access issues.

How fast are these greens?

A: They run at around 10 on the stimpmeter. There can be around 2 weeks of settling in (the greens may be a little dusty) but after that they are perfect.

How long do they take to install?

A: Around 2 days. Time can vary on the weather and your final requirements.

Can I create a tier and some funky breaks?

A: Your best bet is to have the green quite flat. If you get too severe with breaks and undulations the green will be too fast in spots. Once this happens you won’t be happy. So keep the green flat and there will be plenty of natural variation that will keep you occupied for hours.

How do I get a quote?

A: Please fill in the form here

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A nice backyard golf green

backyard synthetic golf green