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Standard Putting Cups versus the Platinum variety

It’s a common question I receive so I put together this short video below to help you answer the question I which cup you should purchase.

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Here’s a quick summary:

In around 80-90% of backyard greens the standard cups will work just fine. The Platinum cups are for those that want the very best experience. My preference is for the Platinum cups because I reckon they give the very best result.

  • you limit the amount of “plastic lip outs”
  • you can get infill right to the edge of the hole
  • you can remove the insert so it’s easy to clean out the hole

The two main drawbacks of the Platinum cups are they are expensive at around $150 each (I’m working on reducing this price but it hasn’t been easy) and they are harder to install because you have more digging to get them in.

If you’re not a complete golf geek then the standard cups should suffice. If you take your time and get the level of the plastic cup right, then you shouldn’t have any issue. 

If you’re not sure which cup to choose please call me directly on 0403372261 or visit this page.