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Supreme Green in action

Had Simon and his dad, Geoff, over to check out the Supreme Green this morning. Geoff isn’t much of a golfer, but Simon is really keen, playing off an 8 handicap. I always enjoying showing enthusiastic golfers the green – it’s especially good to see their reaction when they first use it. We started with some chipping and bunker shots – Simon was impressed.

He said it was extremely realistic and was surprised at how well the ball reacted when it landed.

It got better. I took some video of Simon hitting his 52 degree gap wedge onto the green. Keep in mind he was hitting some range balls here and he was still able to get the ball to spin and check. There’s no funny business going on here, this is how these greens perform day in and day out. They really are awesome and it was pleasing to hear Simon’s positive comments – I think he’ll be ordering one for Christmas 🙂