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The world’s best synthetic golf green

This short video highlights why a Supreme Green is a superior product. Excuse the poor video work but I think it shows you everything you need to know.

I’m hitting balls from my top tee and are using new Titleist Pro V balls. These are a premium balls and give greater spin and control – and are the ball of choice for all serious golfers. The shot distance is 85 metres. The first shot was pure – I struck it cleanly and there wasn’t too much wind. You can see the ball land, take a bounce and then stop really quickly. There aren’t many synthetic greens that allow the ball to do this.

Most fake greens are too hard. The ball simply can’t stop on the greens and as far as I’m concerned these greens are useless. They can look great, but they don’t allow for any sort of realistic golf practice to take place.

The second and third shots were well struck, but the wind picked up, making it harder to stop the ball (downwind). But you can still see the balls spinning and coming to a stop.

I can’t recommend these greens more highly. If you’re interesting in having a realistic practice environment at home (or a commercial environment), then a Supreme Green will do everything you require.

See video below for more.