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Synthetic Golf Green Checklist

checklist golf green

OK, you’re ready to place an order for your synthetic golf green. I just want to make sure you have everything sorted and got everything you’ll need. Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you (or I) haven’t forgotten anything.

Please note: This post assumes you’re after a DIY synthetic putting kit.

  1. Have you ordered the right amount of grass? If you’re unsure, please send me a mudmap of your area and I’ll go over everything for you. It’s worth double checking things before you place your order. It’s worth repeating here the grass is 3.7m in width and I can provide as many lineal metres you need. Minimum order amount is 2 lineal metres and you’ll need to order a full metre (i.e. if your golf green is going to be 7.6m long you’ll need to order 8 lineal metres of grass – or reduce length to 7m)
  2. Will you need or do you want a fringe grass? Fringe grass offers a nice contrast to your green and is a handy way of finishing off your green nicely. Our fringe grass also doubles as an excellent playing surface so you can pitch and chip from it. I recommend using a fringe grass when you have the room.
  3. Will you need joining tape? If you’re golf green is going to be wider than 3.7m you’ll need joining tape. If you’re using fringe grass you’ll also need a joining tape. Simply, the joining tape is used for all joins – golf grass to golf grass, fringe to fringe and golf grass to fringe grass. Note: You can purchase joining tape from Bunnings but it’s expensive and not the best for making joins in your putting green (it’s a little too thick). I stock a commercial grade tape that is ideal for synthetic greens (it’s thinner and way more stronger).
  4. Do you need cups and flags? I stock a range of accessories including cups and flags. If you’d like these items added to your order please let me know.
  5. Does your quotation have everything you need? Please check it again with the above in mind. Please double check everything.
  6. If you’re ready to proceed please reply to your quotation email. I’ll also need the following to generate an invoice.- Full name (and business name if applicable)
    – Full shipping address
    – Contact phone number and email address
    – Any other relevant information (like delivery instructions)
  7. Please double check your final invoice/quote to ensure all details are correct. Goods are only sent once invoice has been paid for in full. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. My direct number is 0403372261 (Cameron).