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A stress-free approach to getting a quote

Thanks for checking out my website. I wanted to give you a little bit more information about the process for receiving a quote. And because this is probably the first time you've considered a synthetic golf green, I thought I'd share how I operate.

Here's how it works:

There is virtually no relevant information about synthetic grass and golf greens tailored to serious golfers anywhere. When I was looking to purchase I couldn't find the information I wanted - almost everyone was saying the same thing.

So this website has been set-up to be the most educational synthetic golf grass website going around. At least I hope so!

So instead of sending pushy and high pressure salespersons your way, you have the option of digesting everything I know from the comfort of your own home/office. You can make a decision based on information, not sales tactics.

The blog is a rich source of content as is my FREE booklet, The Synthetic Golf Green Guide.

Ready for some pricing? Great, here's how it works...

To get the ball rolling you simply tell me what size green you're after (it may help if you draw a rough mud-map). The sizing helps determine the exact quantity of grass required and from here I can work out the most cost effective way of helping you. So please tell me what you have in mind (don't hold back).

I may be able to work on a better design that will give you the best value for your money. Now is also the time to tell me if you're considering a DIY (supply only) or you're looking for a full installation (we install Australia-wide with our own team of installers) or something else.

Please note: Full install by my team doesn't come cheaply. Price starts from around $8,000 and goes up from there. Our install team are amazing and you need to think tennis court or swimming pool with respects to cost. We put our heart and soul into each of our greens but they come with a price tag. If you're looking for a green under 50m2 then you're almost always best to look at DIY and/or getting a local installer to assist you.

One more thing: As of September 2017 I have a brand new install team who cover the eastern states (VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, ACT). We can install a fully functional golf green starting from around $8,000.

I will get back to you via phone or email with some costings. This is also the time when I may ask for extra information and even request some photos to determine the specifics for your golf green. You will receive final costings on the green and any extras, and if this all looks good to you, I will draw up a contract/invoice and ask for a deposit/payment.

There's no high pressure sales calls. You're in the driver's seat and this process ensures the fastest turnaround time (almost always I'll get back to you within 24 hours). One last thing: I don't sell cheap and nasty products. I'm a serious golfer and only sell "golf specific" products that I would use myself.  If you're ready to start the ball rolling please fill in the details on the right and hit the "Request A Quote" button and I'll be in touch soon.

If you don't like web forms and would like to speak directly to me (Cameron), please call 0403 372 261. Please call during business hours (I'm located in SE Queensland).

If you're in Melbourne call Adam directly on 0402 324 616

Thanks for checking out Supreme Greens and be sure to let me know if you have any questions.



P.S. All pricing is subject to GST and freight charges