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The Secret Sauce of a Supreme Green

The big secret of Supreme Greens is Profill. Most synthetic green installers use sand as the fill and this has one huge problem.

Sand becomes wet and compacted. And when it dries the sand literally turns to concrete. Obviously this is not good for any type of golf surface. Rock hard greens make the green useless and your expensive investment becomes a waste of money.

Of everything I’ve learned about synthetic golf greens, Profill is probably the most important. I’ve called it the Secret Sauce because it finishes off the product nicely. Briefly,

– It’s water resistant
– It doesn’t compact
– works perfectly as an infill

Mixed with the perfect design, install and Helix yarn, Profill gives you a green that will be playable day in a day out for years.

Note: Sand filled greens can perform really well in the early days. But once they get wet and compacted they become too hard. From here they need to be serviced (costing time and money).

Watch the video below for more.