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Is a Supreme Green for you?

Ok, so you’d like a golf green in your backyard. Most golfers would and here are some key points to determine whether you’re perfectly matched. I put this together to help make your decision as easy as possible – I used my own experience to help get over the really difficult decision of, is a Supreme Green the right thing to do?

Cost: These things don’t come cheaply. For a good size green the price is going to start from around $15,000. Something really deluxe can be over the $30,000 price bracket. So it’s a serious investment that’s for sure. For me, the price was certainly a factor and I spent more than I really wanted. But I have been thrilled with final result and haven’t regretted it one bit. Further research has also shown that some brands will cost a lot more than a SG – and I’m convinced these are a lesser product. In the grand scheme of things, I believe that a SG is properly priced for what is delivered.

Keen golfer: The price tag eliminates many people and the next step is to be really keen on your golf. If you’re not interested in getting outside and working on your game, or spending time with your kids or using it for coaching clients, then a Supreme Green probably isn’t the right purchase for you.

The only other thing is maybe you’re excited about getting a SG to enhance your property (you’ll have the best backyard on the street) and this is fine too.

It’s fair to say that a Supreme Green is a serious investment for the serious golfer. I’m a complete golf nut and love using my green each day. This part of the decision making progress was easy for me 🙂 I have some mates that like golf, but they would never purchase one because they’re just not as fanatical as me (and their wives make all the big decisions).

Have embraced the technology: Many people shop on price and will install something just because it’s the cheapest option. If you’re one of these people we can’t help you. A Supreme Green isn’t the cheapest, nor the most expensive. But they are in a higher price bracket.

When you purchase a Supreme Green you’re getting more than a golf green. You’re buying into:

– the best synthetic grass technology designed for golf
– the best base construction procedure available in the synthetic golf grass market
– a golf green that is as close to realistic as humanly possible. It has taken 25 years to perfect the process and I’m sure you’re not going to be disappointed. Only one green allows lofted golf shots to hit the green and then spin and stop.
– a low maintenance green that is all about you enjoying it rather than spending huge amounts of time servicing it
– Australian made technology and ingenuity that is superior to cheap offshore imports
– A guarantee and warranty that can only be made by a company that understands golf greens, quality and customer service.

This is what sold me on the Supreme Greens. They really are the real deal and so much have gone into them. Bruce has woken up each morning for the last 25 years and asked himself the question, “How can I make a golf green that is as realistic as possible to the real thing?”. I’m convinced his mission has been rewarded with a product that is head and shoulders above the rest. This year alone (at time of writing my green is only 5 months old) I’ve had 3 golf professionals and two exceptional amateurs totally blown away by the green. Like me, they can’t believe how well it performs. You really have to see it to believe it.

Ready for something remarkable: You may be able to afford one, you could be a crazy golf nut that loves everything about the game and can’t get enough and you’re now convinced that a Supreme Green is the only way to go. The last and final step is, are you ready? Here are some things that have held back some previous “excited” buyers.

– you have a daughter’s wedding to organise (and pay for)
– the wife doesn’t want one in “her” backyard
– you’re planning an overseas holiday
– you’re too busy at work

So you need to ask yourself the question, am I ready for a Supreme Green? When the moons are aligned it makes the decision far easier and I can assure you you’ll be more pleased when you see the final product. My biggest obstacle was convincing Clare that a putting green was the right thing for our dream property. She didn’t have much choice I must say, but even Clare (with our little Jessica) will come down in the afternoon for a quick putt and chat. It’s brilliant and the best part of the day.

I can’t make the decision for you, but I can say that the product is superb and worth every cent. If you can get past the gatekeepers and decide to purchase one, I’m certain you’ll love your purchase. If you have any questions that are still holding you back, please contact me to discuss.