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DIY: Important information about buidling your own putting green

I’m definitely hopeless when it comes to working with my hands. Terrible with hammers and all that stuff and try and avoid it like the plague. When I was getting my synthetic golf green built, I was more than happy to leave the real work to Bruce and his team. I floated around taking photos, but for the most part, I just kept out of the way.

But I know that not everyone is like me. There are plenty of guys that like to get their hands dirty and who are not afraid to get in there and build things. I take my at off to you and offer the following for those who are thinking about building their own putting green.

I’m going to assume that you know how to build a golf green base. The main thing to consider is whether your green will be for “putting” only or you’ll want to hit lofted shots onto it. If it’s the later, you need to make sure it has some impact absorption properties, is firm enough and can drain well. Bruce has perfected this process and what makes his installation so special.

Once the base is created you’ll need the grass. This is where we come to the party and can help you. Our strongest recommendation is our Supreme Green Grass. This contains the Helix yarn and is quite simply, the best artificial golf green grass on the market. It has been designed for golf specifically, while almost all others are a hybrid grass that has been created for hockey or lawn bowls.

  • Designed for golf – completely unique to the market
  • Soft, yet tough yarn that mimics golf while giving you incredible durability
  • Helps absorb the impact of golf shots while not leaving pitch marks
  • Incredible true roll. The ball rolls just like the real thing
  • Looks great. Hard to tell that it is a fake grass

Even if your putting green is NOT going to be used for lofted shots we still recommend the Helix yarn. It looks better, it works better and we know you’ll love it. I don’t see any point in getting second best here – if you’re keen on your golf, then Helix yarn golf grass is the best.

Yes, there are cheaper variations of grass on the market but you need to be careful. Many won’t perform that well and I have a more detailed article about them over here.

How much synthetic grass do you need to order?

Your best bet is to send us the dimensions of your green. We need to know the width and length and from here we can work out the best option for you. Bruce is a genius when it comes to this, he knows the best way to give you the most bang for your buck and avoiding wastage. Tell us your ideal dimensions and from here we’ll work out exactly the right amount you need. And just maybe we can give you some alternative designs that will work better and save you some money.

What about the infill?

If you want a fully playable golf green then you must use Profill. There are no other options here and sand is a big no no. Sand will cause your green to become too hard and fast and from here it’s all bad. If you’re building a “putting” only green then you have a decision to make. Profill or sand?

If you’re in this predicament I’m going to assume you’re building a fairly small green at home – something under 100 m2. Anything larger and Profill is your only option.

No matter what you’re building, we will always recommend Profill. It really is the best product for the job. Even these small greens become compacted and can get too hard and fast with sand. The issue isn’t as bad with these smaller type greens, but it’s still there. The problem is Profill is more expensive and not as readily available as sand. We have only one supplier of it and it comes in large 1.5 tonne bags. This is way too much for small set-ups, so it’s expensive to get it in smaller bags. And shipping is an issue – we need to post it to your location and this can add up.

So, if you’re working to a budget you may want to consider sand. It can be purchased from the local supply store and be delivered same day. It’s easy, but there may be a compromise with performance. If you have any questions about Profill and sand do let us know.

What else will I need?

There is joining tape and adhesives to be considered. What you need specifically will come down to the size and shape of your green. This is why giving us your exact dimensions is the best idea – from here we can give you the best recommendations.

We can also provide you with flags and cups and other accessories for your green. We are also working on a new cup system that finishes off your green more nicely than traditional cups. Be sure to ask us about that one.

What about costs?

The DIY price for the grass (at time of writing) is $47 per metre. Please check with us because this could change. This price is exclusive, doesn’t contain GST or shipping costs. The grass comes in 3.6m widths but you may need more grass than your total area – because of cutting and wastage, so it’s important we have all of your dimensions before you order it.

We can forward you all the costs for other supplies (Profill, tape etc) once we know more about your set-up.

If all this seems too hard, then maybe the best idea is to get Bruce and his team to come and do the entire build. Starting at around $140 per metre you get the design, construction and perfect finished product without the stress or worry. For me the choice was easy.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling please contact us here. Good luck with your projects!