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[Golf Cups] A nice little improvement to a Supreme Green

I’m the first to admit that I’m a little bit fanatical about these Supreme Greens. Clare thinks I’m more than a little bit crazy.

One thing that I wasn’t overly happy with were the original cups that were installed. The problem is the lip of the cup can’t be sunk in deep enough because then you get the edge of the grass spilling over into the hole. So what you have is the top edge of the cup very close to the lip of the hole.

When you strike putts with any speed, they hit the hard edge of the plastic cup and then bounce out of the hole. I know it’s not a huge issue, and many golfers wouldn’t even notice it. But for the purists, this is an issue and not something you’d be happy with on a premium product.

I spoke to Bruce about this and he said he’d look into it. He did more than that, today he lobbed at my house with two brand new cups and a story to tell.

These cups have been designed for sand greens and Bruce reckons they’re ideal for our Supreme Green. There’s a much softer rubber lip that will absorb the impact of the ball and I think they look really good. They actually give the impression the hole is bigger than it really is.

Early testing has been positive. There’s definitely way less bouncing off the edge, and the balls seems to fall into the hole more readily. The hole certainly appears bigger and I suspect this is because you’ve now got the full diameter of the hole to play with – there was always a little bit of grass overhang (see image below).

The only downside is these cups are expensive. They’re over $130 each but I think they look way better than the normal cups. If you’re going to spend big bucks on the world’s best synthetic golf green, then a little bit more shouldn’t break the budget.

Check out the images below.

Original cups - there's a little overhang.
Original cups – there’s a little overhang.
The new cup freshly installed. There’s still some minor finishing off work, but I reckon this cup is a major improvement
Bruce getting down and dirty installing the new cup
The new and improved putting cup in all its glory