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Maintenance of a Supreme Green

You don’t want to be spending all your time maintaining your synthetic green. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather be out enjoying it then wasting time (and money) keeping the thing in working order.

One of the biggest benefits of a Supreme Green is the lack of maintenance required. They require some, but not much.

Weeding: You may get some pesky little weeds growing through your green. The best bet is to pull them out slowly, so you get roots and all. When I’m out playing on my green I keep an eye out for any unwanted weeds and just pull them out. It only takes a second or two and it’s no bother at all.

The only other thing I do is weed the edge of the surrounds. This keeps any real grass/weeds from growing into the synthetic grass. You can watch a video of that over here.

Brushing: Bruce suggested I brush the green once a month or so. This involves a stiff broom and walking back and forwards. There’s no heavy brushing or sweeping involved – just walk back and forwards and the broom does the rest. This brushing helps spread the Profill and keeps the grass in good order. After a brushing you’ll notice your green runs better than ever. The best thing is it only takes a few minutes – maybe 10-15 minutes tops.

Blowing: Blowing is required to remove debris. You could do this by hand if you wanted but it’s way quicker with a blower. You can get cheap blowers from Bunnings but we recommend spending a few extra bucks and getting a good one. Bruce has tried them all over the years and Stihl are the best. My cost around $330 dollars.

Blowing removes leaves, dirt, weeds, divots and unwanted sand from the green. If your budget allows I recommend investing in one as it saves you a tonne of time.

Some blowing, brushing and a little weeding is all that's required to keep your green in good order
Some blowing, brushing and a little weeding is all that’s required to keep your green in good order

And that’s about it. Many other brands of greens require the infill to be replaced regularly or the green to be rolled/brushed heavily. This requires outside help and can cost up to $500 per time. Not with a Supreme Green. The maintenance is kept to a bare minimum and the green is almost always in perfect condition. You have more time to enjoy your facility and less time stuffing about fixing it.