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New Golf Green

Please note: I’m currently travelling with the world’s worst internet connection and will update page with more content ASAP. But I wanted to share more info with you right away. 

I have always insisted on providing the very best synthetic golf green products available. And this commitment has never deviated and is something I continue to pursue each day  

I’ve also seen a huge gap in the marketplace for another type of synthetic golf green product:

A portable and easy to install home/office putting green. 

Here’s the main issue: A fully installed premium synthetic golf green installed by my team can be expensive. And a DIY golf green can be a difficult option for those non-handy types. 

And I’m not talking about a putting mat, these aren’t the best, but a top quality golf green that’s realistic and ticks all the boxes in terms of quality.

First up, there’s nothing available in Australia. I’ve searched high and low and the manufacturing capabilities aren’t here. So I’ve spent 18months searching the globe.

And this has certainly opened up a can of worms. Simply, I’ve been inundated with options from all sorts of suppliers. I’ve been snowed under just trying to get through all the data. Has also been a battle dealing with language barriers and attempting to convey my commitment for quality (many will sell you anything to make a sale).

But the effort has been worthwhile because I’ve now found the company and product that I’m completely happy with.

I spent all of yesterday testing the product range of these golf greens and was mighty impressed.

  • I want one right now! They are awesome
  • They putt really well. Smooth and pure 
  • Grass is on solid rubber base and is thick enough for putting cups and flags
  • Can add break and slope with special rubber insert. I was dubious at first but impressed with how well it worked. 
  • Grass is super premium and is made on site. This is what impressed me most – this company takes quality very seriously and have employed talented and dedicated staff to achieve mission.
  • These greens are fully custom in terms of getting the exact size and shape you want.
  • I’ll also bring in 2 standard sizes 1.5m x 3m and 2m x 5m (see pricing below)


1.5m x 3m – $1997+ shipping 

2m x 5m – $2997 + shipping

Custom design – maximum size is 5m x 20m. Logo available. 4-6 week turnaround.

Shipping within Australia will be between $50-$90.

Interested? The best way at this point to contact me is via the form here