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Picture Perfect Synthetic Golf Green

Spent exactly 32 minutes servicing my golf green this morning. This included trying to get the bloody blower started – I’m not that good when it comes to machinery.

Last time my green got any love was around 6 weeks ago. I have a golf lesson this morning so I thought it would be a good idea to tidy up, but there really isn’t a lot of maintenance with a Supreme Green.

When it comes to servicing there’s not much to it. The biggest job is removing the debris – leaves and twigs that are blown onto the green by the wind. A blower is the perfect tool for the job (if you can get yours started).

The other part of it is to get out a stiff brush and walk back and forwards – this helps spread the profill and remove any bumps. After the brushing your green will be super smooth and more responsive to approach shots. It looks better too.

This morning I brushed the green in both directions and was left with this cool looking cross-pattern. Definitely looks like a green at a fancy Championship course.

Realistic cross-pattern on my synthetic golf green
Realistic cross-pattern on my synthetic golf green