Darius Oliver is a respected writer, golf course rater and international golf consultant. He is the author of the highly acclaimed Planet Golf and Planet Golf USA.

When Darius wanted to a putting green in his backyard, he wanted the best. He was keen to get a golf green that had contour and slope, not something flat. He wanted the green to be used and enjoyed by his family, so the putting green needed to be realistic.

The before and after images tell the full story. His backyard has been totally transformed and from all reports is now being used regularly (which was the main goal).





We’re delighted that from a golf perspective that our Supreme Green is up to the task.

... for a performance putting turf that keeps its speed and can be shaped any way you want, it's worth considering the Prograss (that's us, Supreme Greens) products.

- Darius Oliver, Planet Golf

Bruce delivered another great end result and his hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

... we can't speak highly enough of Bruce's professionalism and Prograss's customer service. Not only did Bruce personally lay our turf and the Profill infill, but he returned a few weeks later to apply another dusting of the infill and make sure we were completely happy with the yard.

- Darius Oliver, Planet Golf

You can review Darius’s full synthetic golf green review on his website, click here.


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