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Synthetic Turf Putting Green

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Here’s an amazing synthetic turf putting green…

You may be like I was a few years back. I thought synthetic golf greens were absolutely terrible. Way too hard and fast and not realistic enough for any sort of serious golfer.

But when I moved to Queensland in 2013 and got permission from the better half to build a synthetic turf green, I was surprised by what I found.

Newer models of synthetic grass are not only better – they are actually made for golf. This means you’ll get a pure roll (the ball runs at around 10 on the Stimpmeter day after day) but you can also pitch and chip onto these little beauties.

But beware: Not all synthetic turf putting greens are the same. Many grasses come right out of China (or elsewhere) and they aren’t really made for golf. They started life as turf for hockey or lawn bowls and have been adapted for golf.

This means they’ll look just fine but performance will be lacking. Chances are these hybrid grasses will become too fast and get way too bumpy. Oh, and I nearly forgot – if you don’t pick the right kind of grass, your dream backyard golf green will require lots of maintenance.

That’s why, after over 12 months of research, I chose an Australian made grass that has been specifically created for golf.

The yarn is soft, yet incredibly strong so it will last a very long time (the grass is guaranteed for 8 years). It’s heat and UV protected so the synthetic turf can withstand anything our climate can throw at it. But best of all, my synthetic turf putting greens perform as close as possible to the real putting green. They are not an exact match (nothing is) but they offer the next best thing. 

And yes, they are the lowest maintenance synthetic golf greens on the market. There’s no major week to week servicing required other than the odd brushing (A stiff broom is all that’s required) and keeping the surface free from debris (get a good blower and you’ll be done in minutes) – in most cases, this only takes less than 30 minutes per month.

So, if you’re in the market for a golfing product that’s going to help you improve and hone your game from home, look no further than a Supreme Green. If you’d like to get a no obligation FREE quote, then please click here

I have developed a special DIY product that means you can have a green like the below by the end of the weekend. Alternatively, if building your own synthetic turf putting green doesn’t sound like too much fun, my team can do it for you. If you have any questions, please call me directly on 0403372261 and I’d be glad to give you the full story.

Here’s a backyard green that uses our putting turf. It’s a ripper of a green and will give the golf-mad owner years of enjoyment.

Synthetic Turf Putting Green: A great example of what’s possible when you choose the right kind of synthetic grass.


synthetic turf putting green
Do you think a backyard synthetic green like this would help you improve your golf game?