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Do Supreme Greens work?

Just a little back story:

In late 2012 I was getting ready to move from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast. Clare had been bugging me for years because she wanted to return to Queensland to be closer to her family. After all the nagging I finally relented. The compromise for me was being able to build my dream golf facility on our little property.

The problem was, when I started researching “how to build a golf green” or “synthetic golf greens” there wasn’t a lot of information available. Sure, there were companies trying to sell me a product, but nobody was giving me the information I was after. And there was certainly nothing presented from a golfer’s perspective. I wasn’t too interested about the specifics of the grass and technology. I wanted answers…

Then I got lucky. I was put in contact with Bruce Warwick and the rest as they say is history.

Bruce educated me about synthetic golf greens and helped me understand why they are a much better alternative. Bruce is not a golfer, but he understands the sport and wasn’t afraid of my golf specific questions. He didn’t shy away, he stood behind his product and embraced the challenge of dealing with a golf geek.

The bottom line is that I’m super thrilled with the Supreme Green that has been built on my little Golf Farm. To be honest with you, I really can’t believe how well the green performs. It has completely over-delivered on my expectations and it has given me hours of enjoyment this year (I imagine it will give me and my family lots for entertainment in the years to come).

So does a Supreme work?

You bet it does. Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve found so far.

Putting: You get a great roll on a Supreme Green. The manufacturer of the Helix grass told me that because the grass is non-directional, you actually get a better roll compared to real golf grass. I’m not going to argue with them. My green rolls true and is at a nice quick speed. There’s not too much more I can say here.

Chipping/Pitching: I spend a lot of time chipping and pitching to my Supreme Green. It has always been the worst part of my game and I enjoy to 20 or so minutes I spend most afternoons hitting some of these little shots. The most impressive thing (it really still blows my mind) is how realistic the green is. When I play those low and spinning chips, the ball takes a bounce and then checks up. It really is like the real deal. I’ve found that my short game has improved and I’ve even managed to learn a few new shots. Most of all it’s fun – being outside, walking around and working on the short game seems like a great way to spend time.

Full shots: My golf green was never really set up to be used for full shots. I did install two golf tees at either end of the property that are designed to be used with my 220 metre practice fairway, the green was always going to be short game only. But since installation, I can use my top tee for full sand iron approaches. And to be honest, I have used the tee for a lot of these shots 🙂

A Supreme Green is quite firm. It needs to be, otherwise you’ll get pitch marks and indentations in the green. Then the green will be hopeless for putting. But the amazing thing about them is the grass and technology still allows the ball to stop. When you make a clean strike, the ball hits the green and comes to a stop. I need to stress here I’m talking about crisp and clean shots. If I’m hitting out of the rough, or make bad contact, the ball will hit the green and roll to the back. If I hit the ball too hard, it will probably bounce through. So you need to make precise contact and hit the ball properly.

In my mind a Supreme Green is going to help your game because you’ll be forced to hit the ball cleanly. If you watch the pros you’ll notice how consistent they are with their ball striking. With a Supreme Green I reckon you’ll improve your ball striking significantly. If improving your game is important to you, then a SG will work wonders.

Bunker shots: Improved bunker play will have a cascading effect with your entire game. You’ll have more confidence with your iron play because you won’t be as worried about finding the sand traps. This alone will help you hit more greens. If you do happen to find a bunker when out playing, you’ll know how to eradicate your ball.

When you can hit bunker shots and watch the ball sail high, land softly and spin quickly to a stop, you’ll get a surge of confidence and enthusiasm. Bunker play is terrible for the average golfer and spending a few minutes each week on your sand play will change your game. Of this I can be confident.

If your budget allows please get a bunker. It finishes off your Supreme Green nicely and gives your set-up the right golf look.

These green work a treat!

When I’m not playing, writing or thinking about golf I help small businesses improve their marketing. After the completion of my Supreme Green I was so impressed that I wanted to work with Bruce and his team. This is how this website came about. I just needed to tell more golfers how good they really are because I’m convinced that many keen golfers would benefit from one but they just don’t know about them. You can’t sell a secret and I stand behind this product and am not worried about giving them my highest recommendation.

I know not all golfers are as crazy about the game as me but SG’s are the real deal and do work unbelievably well. The final point worth mentioning is the complete lack of servicing/maintenance required. I’m hopeless and lazy when it comes to looking after things and my Supreme Green allows me to spend more time playing and less time thinking about getting my hands dirty. They are awesome…

If you have any specific questions about these golf greens then please ask me. I’m available by phone and email and I’m happy to discuss your specific requirements. If you haven’t yet seen it, check out our report, The Truth About Synthetic Golf Grass.